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Urticaria is an allergic condition manifesting on the skin in the form of red, raised, itchy blotches/wheals. The condition is also known as ‘hives’.The wheals can appear anywhere on the body, single or multiple, of different sizes. Urticaria can be brought about by exposure to cold, as an allergic response to an item of food/drink, or as a result of direct contact with an allergen (substance to which the body is allergic). Certain people are also allergic to chemical drugs.

At the base of urticaria, whatever be the cause, is an allergic constitution whereby the body reacts to the allergen with a stronger-than-necessary immune reaction. In conventional medicine, drugs are used to suppress the immune reaction; the allergic constitution is not modified. Unless the constitution changes, the allergic tendency remains and the chemical drugs have to be taken regularly; sometimes, in gradually increasing doses. The constitution rarely sets itself right by the body’s own efforts; Homoeopathic medicines are very useful here since they stimulate the body’s healing mechanism and set right the allergic constitution. After a suitable course of Homoeopathic medicines, the individual can remain free from medication and also from the troublesome allergy.

In 2002, a 55 year old gentleman came to my clinic. He had been a colonel in the Indian Army and had retired in 1998. He had been suffering from urticaria since the last 8 months and was taking an anti-histamine tablet daily. He had a chronic nose block and often had bouts of sneezing on waking in the morning. He was on thyroid medication as his thyroid functioning was below normal. He never wavered from his standard diet and was very particular about his health. Right from childhood, he had a disciplined upbringing and was the 2nd child with 5 brothers. He had strong faith in God with a strong sense of duty. His family came second, his ‘duty’ came first. He was extremely honest and particular about never doing anything wrong. He disliked quarrels and believed that the gates of communication should always remain open. Being a principled man, he hated anyone in his family going against his principles. He hardly had any personal requirements and liked peace and quiet. He read a lot of religious books and brooded on religious matters. He enjoyed reading poetry which often made him emotional. He was emotionally rather sensitive, particularly to the sufferings of others and to the sacrifices of others. He mentioned that his honesty and sincerity had often gone against him, demoralising him at times.

He disliked sweet things, preferred a salty taste. In the past, he had suffered from Bell’s palsy, herpes zoster of the ear and Pott’s spine (tuberculosis of the spine).

Going by his acute urticaria symptoms, Urtica Urens 30 was prescribed as an SOS medicine, so that he could reduce his use of the anti-histamine. Based on his case-history, a single dose of Aurum Metallicum 1M was prescribed. He was asked to continue Eltroxin for his hypothyroid state for the moment.

When he returned back after a fortnight, his urticaria was about 25% better in intensity and he had taken 5-7 doses of the SOS medicine. After a further month, the potency was stepped up to Aurum Metallicum 10M (again a single dose). During further follow-ups, he mentioned that his chronic nose block was much reduced and the need to use the SOS medicine also reduced drastically. The paroxysmal morning sneezing bouts were very rare. His sleep was much deeper and he felt more relaxed on waking.

After 4 months of starting treatment, he stopped getting any episodes of urticaria. He was asked to reduce Eltroxin to alternate day doses instead of daily ones. He stopped treatment soon after and returned back after 4 years, informing me that his urticaria had never recurred; however, he was still taking Eltroxin on alternate days.