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We live in an age where life has become too fast for most of us. Stress is a common part of our daily lives and people are turning to meditation, yoga, aromatherapy and other natural forms of relaxation and treatment. The use of flower remedies is a similar form of treatment which works deeply and without side effects. This form of therapy was introduced by Dr. Edward Bach, a qualified Allopathic doctor, who later studied and practiced Homoeopathy. Dr. Bach spent six long years roaming about in jungles and ravines, collecting information about various plants and their flowers and then produced 38 medicines, each of which is directed at a particular characteristic or emotional state. These medicines are called Bach Flower Remedies.

There is an intimate relation between the physical body and mind. The mind is the mirror which reflects the physical state of the person. Hence, ailments in the different parts of the body have a cumulative effect on the mind and mood of the person. It is this change of mood – the mental state – of the patient which the Flower Remedies intend to change and rectify, thereby nullifying the cumulative result of all physical ailments. In treatment with Bach Flower Remedies, physical symptoms are usually not considered, only mental symptoms are taken into account. The suitable remedy, based on mental symptoms, is selected from the 38 remedies. When we say that treatment by Bach Flower Remedies is based on only mental symptoms, it does not mean that this treatment is confined to mental cases only. It simply means that the patient is cured both physically and mentally by the remedy which is prescribed based on mental symptoms.

Some advantages of the Bach Flower Remedies are:

  • Selection of the remedy is easy as there are only 38 medicines to choose from.
  • More than one remedy can be taken individually or in combination at the same time.
  • There are no side effects.
  • These remedies can be taken with medicines from other systems without interfering in their action.

The ultimate purpose of Bach Flower Remedies is to correct emotional imbalances so that negative traits get converted into positive strengths. After taking the medicine if there is a change in the mood of the patient, the medicine may be changed accordingly. There is no fixed rule by which it can be determined how long it would be necessary to continue giving Flower Remedies. If it is a temporary sensation, it may clear up even with one single dose of the remedy, but if it is intended to change the very temperament of the person or to remove a chronic ailment, it may require many months to do it. Deep changes can be brought about in a person with the correct remedy. To offer some examples, Bach Flower Remedies can be used for people who are unable to get rid of hatred and jealousy from their minds, unable to move on from an unpleasant past; people who are unable to break away from the influence of a dominating person in their lives; remedies can be used to treat dominating people themselves. They can treat deep fears, despair and hopelessness, etc.

Apart from the 38 Bach Flower Remedies, there is a combination remedy called Rescue Remedy which has been found to be very useful in sudden traumatic situations such as stress, emergencies, bad news, before an interview or exam, etc. It has also been found to be useful for travel sickness. This remedy helps us get back our normal balance so we can calmly deal with the situation. It helps to relax, remain focused and calm.

All these remedies are usually available at most Homoeopathic Pharmacies and the remedies can be had in liquid or globule form. It is best, however, not to self-medicate, but to take the remedies under the supervision of a practitioner.