March 26th, 2012.

A few days ago, I had this interesting conversation with a patient’s son. He told me about his family’s experiences with homeopathy in the past.


His own case – at a young age, he had developed a kind of hip joint degeneration where the doctors insisted that nothing could be done for him apart from a hip replacement. He would not be able to walk normally without a surgery since the cartilage was all gone as well. He was patched up with plates and screws and could only walk with crutches.

He visited a homeopath in Pune, a Dr. Phatak. He was an old man who examined him and looked at his XRays and gave his verdict. “Good carpentry, but that’s about it.”. The patient asked him what he could achieve since there was such major problems with the joint. The old doctor just laughed and told him, ” I am an old man. I do not know the answers to your questions. You just enjoy the sweet medicines.”

6 months later, this young man could walk normally without crutches. He visited the old doctor who was on his deathbed. When our young man walked in and stood there, an obvious testament to what Dr. Phatak’s homeopathy had achieved, the old doctor just smiled and joined his hands in the old Indian greeting. He passed away the next day.


This young man narrated another incident where a lady had a ping-pong ball sized brain tumour. The homeopath (don’t know who) laughed and guaranteed that he’d make it vanish. And that’s exactly what happened, much to the disbelief of the allopaths.


Such feel-good true stories and wonderful confidence is truly heart-warming.