Articles of interest on general health and Homoeopathy will be posted here from time to time. You can see the list in the column of Recent Posts.

Dr. Firuzi Mehta has been writing regularly for a newspaper circulating in New Bombay “The Twin City Times”, since 2004. Having started to write for the paper Jam-e-Jamshed since October 2007, articles published there will be put up on this site, a short while after publication.

Her articles and book reviews are published from time to time in homoeopathic journals like ‘The Homeopathic Heritage’ and the monthly Ezine at

Any questions regarding the articles will be welcome; please submit your questions here.

Though occasional references may be made to the choice of certain remedies for certain conditions, please do not self-medicate; undergo proper Homoeopathic treatment under the supervision of a qualified Homoeopathic physician. The homoeopath does not just have to choose the remedy;  the careful analysis, evaluation and case management which is an intricate process, is dependent on his/her skills.