Online Consultation

A consultation, in person, is the ideal form of consultation, however, in today’s age of speedy communication via the Internet, consultations for many different types of cases can be held even at long distances.

Along with personal, face-to-face sessions, we offer online homoeopathic consultations for patients who for reasons of distance or otherwise, cannot visit the clinic themselves. There are many instances where a physical examination is required and a face-to-face meeting is beneficial. But again, considering that most chronic patients have already done the rounds of several doctors and have complete records of diagnosis, medical tests and examinations, an online consultation with a Homoeopath is the next best thing to a personal meeting. Ultimately, it remains at the discretion of the doctor to choose which cases can be handled by an online consultation and which would require a personal one.

The procedure for an online consultation is as follows:

You can fill up the questionnaire and submit it to us:

Download the Questionnaire in MS Office format
Download the Questionnaire in Open Office format

Once the case is accepted for treatment, you will be informed about the amount for payment. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer or cheque or D.D. Once the initial payment is received, the treatment is begun.

Medicines can be posted/couriered to you or you can purchase the medicines from any reliable Homoeopathic Pharmacy in your area. Links to some Homoeopathic pharmacies are provided under Homoeopathic Resources.

Further discussions, like a normal consultation, can be via email. If a Skype or telephonic discussion is preferred, a prior appointment is essential.